Bonten Shokudo

Bonten Shokudou

Discovering ‘Bonten Shodudou’ was actually by accident when we wanted to find a place to eat after window shopping at Mitsui Outlet Park. Above the restaurant stood their advertisement board sashimi set for 999Y. Gee, you will not find that in downtown. We felt like sashimi so we went for it. To our delight this fresh, sweet tasting sashimi set came to our table and we ate it with full of joy. After scrolling down the menu, we ordered other meals and all tasted good. This Shokudo became one of our favorite hang outs when we felt like sashimi. Two branches were the ones that became our favorite spot, the one near Sendai Port Mitsui Outlet and the other in Minami Yoshinari. If you come with your family, then the Minami Yoshinari branch will suit best. So, these are some of the menus that we recommend.

Roast Beef Salad with creamy dressing (650 Y). A western taste of fresh salad.

Natto salad with Japanese dressing (650 Y). This was the first time that I ate natto and felt in love with it. Fresh daikon with aragula, then  combined with the creamy soft boiled egg, natto and soft boiled okra. Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy natto salad version here.

Octopus Salad (380 Y). The sweetness of the octopus combined with Japanese sauce and  small green onion.

They have variation of fish head preparations that you can enjoy (560Y).

Baked escargout (380Y) with creamy garlic and herb sauce.

Other meals that kids might love ikura don and tempura (380Y)

I have to say that everything they serves taste fresh and savory. The serving in an enjoyable environment adds the value to this restaurant.

How to get there
The branch near Sendai Port Mitsui Outlet Park: from Sendai Station, take the Senseki line (仙石線) and get out at Nakano-Sakae (中野栄)

The branch in Minami Yoshinari: from Sendai station (仙台駅), take to bus to Minami Yoshinari (南吉成)


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