Es Palu Butung

Serves 3

Es Palu Butung is a popular dessert from Makassar sold in many stalls, usually around university campus. It is one of students favorite snack break it is very affordable, taste creamy and sweet and the cold ice melts the stress away (maybe). For small stalls, selling this sweet thing from Makassar doesn’t requires much capital to make one that taste good. Need a dessert to release you from the stress, try es Palu Butung.

-2 hard bananas
-50 gr rice flour
-200 ml light coconut milk
-1/4 tsp salt
-1 screw pine leaf
-1 cup coco pandan syrup
-1/2 cup water

How to prepare:
-steam the hard bananas for 10 minutes, set aside
-in a pan add the rice flour, light coconut, screwpine leaf and salt, stir well and start the fire in low heat
-stir with a wooden spoon gently until the rice flour become pasty, turn off heat and set aside
-dilute the coco pandan syrup with water, set aside
-for each portion, add 1 cup of crushed ice, 3 tbs rice flour paste, 1/2 cut bananas and 3 tbs coco pandan syrup

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