Ban Thai Lanna



If you have guest coming over to Sendai and they wish to eat Asian food, one of the best tasting Thai restaurant that my family recommend is “Ban Thai Lanna”. They don’t compromise their ingredients and spices, that’s what we like. I usually come here at least once a month for lunch after shopping to have my ‘usual’ menu, seafood fried rice, tom yum, in season desserts and a choice of drink. The restaurant is petit and warm, with Thai decorations. If you feel like Thai massage after a hectic week, Ban Thai Lanna also have a massage parlor in the floor above the restaurant. This time I drag my husband for dinner to explore and enjoy their vast culinary choices. Above is screwpine chicken.

Tom Yum Soup

Seafood Stirfry

Seafood Fried Rice

Sweet Potato Sago Pearls

I love this homy restaurant, that’s obvious..he..he..all taste good, highly recommended. They also sell imported Thai products such as fish sauce, canned fruits in syrup, coconut milk etc. Moreover they also provide information on tour packages to Thailand. In Indonesia we call such business Palugada (apa loe mau gue ada – what ever you need, we sell) 😀

Ban Thai Lanna
宮城県仙台市青葉区一番町1-15-20 薗田ビル 2・3F
1-15-20 Ichibanchou、Aoba-ku、Sendai-city、Miyagi
Tel. 022-215-2815


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