Bistik Cola

Serves 2

Last Monday I posted “Bistecca ala Fiorentina” recipe with 300gr steak portion for one person. A cultural difference in Indonesia is that the Indonesian diet will never give 300gr beef for one person but for 2-3 persons. The division will be rice, a meat dish, a vegetable dish, tofu or tempe, and some chili relish. Today, I will post a recipe on “Bistik Cola”, a popular family meat dish that will accompany other side dishes for lunch or/and dinner. Very, easy to make, all you have to do is put all the marinate in a bowl, leave it for a while then cook it. Serve it with some shredded cabbage and thousand island dressing, yummy

-300 gr beef
-150 ml coca cola
-3 cm Worcester sauce
-3 tsp garlic paste
-1 small onion
-2 medium carrot
-2 small green onion

How to prepare:
-cut the beef into 8 cm diameter and 0,5 cm thickness, add into a bowl
-add the coca cola, Worcester sauce, garlic paste, marinate for 30 minutes
-shred the onion into thin pieces and saute with oil
-add the meat and marinate, cook for 30 minutes
-peel and cut carrot into thin long pieces and add into the beef, cook for 3-5 minutes
-cut green onion into small pieces and add into the beef
-stir gentle and cook for another 5 minutes


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