Es Jeruk

Makes one beer glass

Another drink besides ‘Es Teh Manis‘ that is a must in an Indonesian restaurant drink selection is “Es Jeruk”. If the western have orange juice, we Indonesian have es jeruk, made out of calamansi oranges. Here in Japan, this oranges are in season and very cheap. The difference is that they are very sweet and have no sour as their Indonesian counterpart. So, I added some lime juice to inject the ‘fling’ of sourness inside. Very easy to make, enjoy

5 calamansi orange, take the juice
1/2 lime, take the juice (optional)
1/2 cup ice blocks
1 tbs sugar
some water to fill the glass

How to prepare:
-add the sugar calamansi and lime juice juice, stir until the sugar dilutes
-add the ice blocks
-top up with water


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