My Gardening Adventures

I started this urge for decorating my tiny balcony fit for gardening at the end of of last years’ winter. As spring came, I bough some tulip bulbs, lavender seeds and assorted salad leaves to start off. Some of the tulip blooms beautiful, the lavender just never made it and the salad leaves turned out too skinny to appeal my senses of turning them into some food that I might serve on the table. 


Pinkish and White Tulips

The earlier periods was very hard for me to remember that I had to water the plants in the morning. But as I move along, it became a routine for me to do in the morning. As the weather got warmer, I took my daughter on my bicycle ride around town most often for her to enjoy parks in several different areas. I crossed various flower shop that sold start up plants. I would stop over and see whether there are potential plants that I was looking after, here are those who made it until I could harvest them.




Cucumbers and Green Chilies

The cucumber tree so far had produced 2 very fat cucumbers that were very sweet and juice but still had firm meat. The green chilies just kept on producing as much as 5 green chilies every one and a half week, up to a point that I had to give it away because I ran out of ideas of what to cook it.


Baby Tomatoes

This baby tomato tree was a source of great joy for me. The tree had a lot of healthy leaves and pretty yellow flowers before turning into baby tomatoes. Unfortunately, a batch of baby tomatoes will ripen unevenly, albeit very sweet and crunchy. I don’t know how to solve this problem.


Basil, Coriander, Lemongrass, and Mint

The sweet basil leaves and coriander leaves tasted to strong, I didn’t like it much. The mint was great, it bloomed fast and had a sweet minty taste suitable for tea or Middle Eastern dishes alike. I have never harvested my lemongrass so far but it grew very slow, maybe the competition with the mint tree.

green onion and water spinach 

Green onions, salad leaves and water spinach

The green onion and salad leaves grew unevenly but quite a lot. Unfortunately, they weren’t thick and strong. The water spinach tree was one of my favorite, they grew fast and I had enjoyed it often. I was thinking of growing it indoor but the leaves turn yellow now so, maybe not.
























My eggplant tree never made it but it gave beautiful flowers for me to enjoy. Another total flop was my bitter melon tree. The trunks were too skinny, it was sad to see it. Te wild strawberry plant was my daughters’ favorite.

Lesson learn so far is not to put 2 trees in one pot because their will be competition for resources. My mother tips of giving them water after washing meat and rice made the fruits more sweeter. Now, I know where to buy the best start up plants for next years’ gardening adventures again.


8 thoughts on “My Gardening Adventures

  1. wow! I need green fingers like you! you have so many fruits, vegetables and pretty! And the eggplant flower is really pretty. didn’t know they looked like that! did you grow all the tomatoes and cucumbers from seeds that you bought?

    • From my experience, for beginners like me buying seeds are far more reluctant to failures. So, the ones; that made it were start up plants (already 7-10 cm long). Then you just have to memories the garden shops, some are more genetically stronger, grows fast and gives good fruits

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