Sambal Lado Ijo/Padang Green Chili Relish

Makes 1 portion

For the next few weeks, every weekend Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy will introduce you to the vast options of relish/sambel that you can find in the Indonesian culinary world. There are various methods of preparing them, mostly with a mortar but some can be make with a blender. Some are raw, half done and cooked. It all depends on the accompanying dish.

Today, I will give you the sambal lado ijo recipe. This relish comes from Padang and I love it so much that I can eat one whole plate of it. There are a few steps to go through like steaming the ingredients, then crushing it coarsely with a mortar and lastly frying it. When it is done, you can eat it as a relish or making some other dishes. You can mix it with fried eggplant and salted fish, you can add it to your fried duck, you name it. Some of my bloggers friends, including me are trying to find ways to make use of the green chili harvest. So, this might be a good idea.

15 long green chilies, clean the seeds
8 shallots, cut into dices
2 medium half ripe tomatoes, cut into dices
1 tsp salt
1/2 lime, take the juice
1/3 cup vegetable oil
a dash of turmeric

How to prepare:
-steam the green chilies, shallots, ripe tomatoes for 5 minutes (until soft)
-with a mortar, grind coarsely, green chilies, shallots, ripe tomatoes, salt and turmeric
-heat vegetable oil and saute the green chili paste


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