A Note From My One Year Blogging

Gee, time flies so fast and it already one year since I have started blogging. My friend encourage me to blog and post all my recipes because everyday they get hungry by the food pictures I post in my Face Book. It was a good Idea because I want just to give my friends the recipe link when they ask. Documenting online is also beneficial as some recipes I try 5 to 10 times but the best recipe was trial number 7.Well with all those note you get really lost. Most of them encourage me to start blogging and referred me to WordPress because it is user friendly, so there is where the journey started.

Getting Vision into Form
This is a good exercise for several reasons. The first, is that I wanted to warm up my web management skills again after a long long pause. Second, I wanted to get my theoretical writing skills back after being so much contaminated by social networking media ‘slang typing’, if I may call it like that. Third, I need a balance activity that uses my right brain as I am stuck in a very complex research, that uses my left brain, and it is tearing me emotionally, for sure blogging gave me lot’s of joy. Lastly, I wanted to shake up my business theories that was dormant for a long long time, whether it worked for blogging also. So, I made a business proposal for 1.5 year,to just jot down my goals and objectives before starting blogging. Moreover, I needed role models to visualize how my blog would show and function. I loved the Pioneer Woman web concept so much and tried to set it as an implementation bar with whatever WP offers for gratung. I followed Nickos’ Kitchen specifying recipe for certain days concept which helped me to get the discipline. I tried learning how to write things happening in my life that would not offend the people in the story from Deborah Tan – Cosmomagazine Singapore. This are all skills that I am building. I had my close friend who are experts on communications and advertisement to monitor the progress of this blog, It was a great help. During my sojourn with “Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy”, a lot of blogs that I subscribe taught me a lot how to lay out the recipes, food styling, writing travel and restaurant reviews, you name it and I really appreciate it.

Stories During The Sojourn
At first, it was getting to know how WP worked, I couldn’t tell the difference what ‘static pages’ were versus ‘post pages’. So, I started to type all the recipes I have tried from 3 thick note books in one ‘post’ page until it got too much. After that I read the WP instructions and did some serious reconstruction.

Then I didn’t know about ‘spams’ so anything that went to my inbox (evenly my spam box, sigh)  I consider them all as readers until I found the web http://www.stopforumspam.com/. This web was so useful to make sure that I wasn’t corresponding to ‘Bots’.

When I got my first follower, I was surprised that there are people reading my blog. So, I started a plan to upgrade the content of my blog from all perspectives. As, I read through my writing, I thought it was a big disasters, that my writings were really suffering and I had to do something about it. It was dull and short because in the past year of my career, most of my writing were making formal letters or making proposals and end reports. I lost those theoretical writing of composition, descriptive, argumentative due to my excessive usage of social networking starting from Friendster to Facebook to chatting devices. Not only did these social network scrutinize my writing skill, it lead me to frequent typos and grammatical errors in my articles, and I am working on it. For the mean time,  I just hope that my readers get the recipes and the stories across.

So, I started to follow other blogs to learn how they wrote. I also set a writing flow for my self. Starting on telling my experience about the food, focusing on putting emotions into writings and then my experience on how to prepare the recipe, as part of descriptive writing. In my recent post, I wanted to learn how to write restaurant and travel reviews and I am working on it, a combination of descriptive writing and argumentative writing. For composition writing, No Idea, maybe I will be writing some love or horror experiences before a recipe, I am still thinking about it, any ideas? The one thing for sure is that after all this exercise, I am able to express myself in writings with more comfort and confidence.

The other major point I’ve observed is that people who used WP are those who would like to share their professional photography skills. My husband offered to get me a DSLR. I said not know, I wanted to master food styling and food photography theoretically with a cheap 14 megapixel camera. If I can get this right, then using the DSLR will enhance it later on. Gosh, it turns out that food styling is hard work, I have this ultimate bloopers

I stopped food styling after I got pregnant again and this time the morning sickness becomes all day sickness and it lasted until now. So, I will change it when I feel better, that will be next spring, I suppose.

The background and header of the website should reflect the content or whom the writer is at heart. It took me a while to get it right. I had this all food background but I really made me dizzy. So, I decided to follow my heart, I loved colored batiks and lovely roses. The result, after changing the background, upgrading my writing skill and some of my pictures that expresses whom I really was, my subscribers jumped from 73 to somewhere around 700. Today, this day, I have 891 readers and subscribers from 105 countries enjoying “Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy”

Wow, I was amazed. Thank you so much for all of your support, Luv U Full.

It was also and honor to have received some awards from other fellow bloggers. Actually, written in by blog business proposal, my goal to write this blog is to “Inspire readers to start and Indonesian restaurant outside Indonesia“. From the awards, I can conclude that readers got the “Inspired” message across and see me as versatile but not the “building and Indonesian restaurant” yet. This will come, I still have many things in store 😉

In most cases, I always meet people whom are proponents of the ‘bigger, faster, stronger, richer’ goals in life. Stating that intellectual capacity, which most are left brain competence above everything. I have a different opinion now, those thoughts are great, but without a peaceful heart and mind, without the ability of bringing beauty, art and passion in life, then you become just a dull, ambitious sucker. This blogging journey was a good exercise to get my right brain back on track. I feel more happier now than I was year ago. Refresh with a lot of new perspectives.

Now, I have genuine respect for people who professionally work in the field of culinary media, juggling with the different angle to bring forward to the world, wow this is such a difficult job to do but so much fun.

Let’s hear it from you?
I do have a little favor though, If you could leave me some positive feedback on how to progress this blog.
-Are there any recipes you would like to know?
-Which food pictures needs a dire revamp?
-Any feedback on my writings?
All is welcome ;P

To end this note, I thank all of you “Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy” readers for all of your support. I hope you have enjoyed reading and sometimes trying my recipes, as I have enjoyed providing the content for you. Happy Birthday “Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy” and also “Happy Hijra New Year 1434”, which happens to be today for my Muslim Friends

Mama Miyuki


22 thoughts on “A Note From My One Year Blogging

  1. Happy anniversary. I passed my one year a month or so ago. I learned that having a style is important. Giving feedback on the feedback is important too. I know all about the photography fail. All my dishes are eaten straight after the last photo so the last photo is often the worst where it should be the best. I don’t know what I can do about this. Learning from others is vital and WordPress is a great place to do the learning. Keep at it. You do have a style and your passion for what you do shows through.
    I look forward to your second anniversary.

  2. Keren mbak ceritanya. Niat banget bikin blognya, no wonder follower nya sampe 800 gitu. Aku sih belum pernah nyobain resepnya hihihi.

    Erma (yang dulu suka ketemu buat meeting), Jakarta

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