Es Teler Special

makes 8 cups

There is an award ice dessert in Indonesia called “Es Teler”, the founder of the secret recipe then opened a chain called “Es Teler 77“. “Teler” itself means drunk or getting high on something, in this case because the dessert is so delicious. I have to say that the recipe is unique and no other franchise could copy cat this famous “Es Teler 77”. After winning the food contest, the founder opened a humble stall in central Jakarta. As malls blossomed all over Indonesia, they expanded they business in food courts or opening their own restaurant. They currently have 200 chains all over Indonesia and had expanded to Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Other accompanying menus are mie bakso and siomay just to name a few.

I had avocado in the fridge and was thinking of turning it to something. I just made es puter, Indonesian ice cream with light coconut milk as base. The method of making it is like making sorbet, once in a while you take out and blender the ice until it becomes like soft ice structure. So, I thought of turning it into es teler, as I have canned young coconut and jack fruit in my cupboard. It was delish..even with this cold weather.

1 lt light coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 long pandan leaf
150 gr sugar
3 tbs corn starch

-avocado, diced
-canned Jack fruit, diced
-canned young coconut, diced
-sweetened condensed milk

How to prepare:
-add coconut milk, salt, pandan leaf, sugar and corn starch, mix well
-turn of heat low-medium,stir gently until it thickens, turn of heat
-cool to room temperature and freeze for 3 hours
-take out, scoop and blender, repeat process for 3 times
-freeze and serve
-top it up avocado, jack fruit, young coconut, sweetened condensed milk

7 thoughts on “Es Teler Special

    • mba, kayaknya aku dapet nih resepnya dicoba dan diadjust ya, jangan lupa di post
      Sirop: 150 gr gula, semua air kaleng nangka, 100 ml air, 2 daun pandan, kentelin pake maizena dikit
      santen: 400 ml santen encer, vanilla batangan, garam

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