Soon Dubu

Serves 3

I have a favorite Korean stall that sells Soon Dubu in hot plate that adds up a lot of cheese in it. I love it so much that I tried to make it at home. After several trials, I wanted to give up because the taste hardly even resemble to the stall that I like. Until one day I got a box of Korean chili (Ggoh-choo-jahng) as present from my brother. Ahaaaa, that was it, the thing that is missing. So, this time I got it right. The difference is that I don’t put a whole scoop as what the stall does. So the taste is more mild.


3 tbs sesame seed oil
2 tsp garlic paste
3 tbs Ggoh-choo-jahng (Korean chili sauce)
150 gr mix seafood
1 chicken breast
500-750 ml water
1 package soft tofu
2 small green onions/chives
1 egg
1 cup pizza cheese

How to prepare:
-in a hot pot, add the sesame oil and start heat
-add the garlic paste, saute until fragrant
-add the Korean chili sauce, mix sea food and chicken breast
-add water and cook for 15 minutes, until boiling
-clear foam occasionally
-scoop soft tofu
-add the green onion/chives
-add a dash of salt if you think it is not salty enough
-when ready to serve, crack and egg in the hot pot
-add pizza cheese
-stir before serving


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