Steamed Dates Cake

Makes 2 20cm cakes

I had dates left overs from the Ramadhan month, that’s quite a while. It turned out that my family is not very fond of dates as a break fast sweet dish. We prefer pudding or agar with some fresh canned food. My mother gave me a magazine with very easy cakes recipes. As I scroll, I saw a recipe to make steamed prune cakes. Oh well, prunes and dates are almost alike so let’s turn these dates into some steamed cakes.

250 gr butter
230 gr all purpose flour
1 tsp baking soda
230 gr castor sugar
5 tbs sweetened condensed milk
3 large eggs
1 cup dates
1/2 cup boiling water

How to prepare:
– tear the dates and chopped into small pieces, add into a bowl
– add boiling water to the dates, set aside
– sieve all purpose flour add into a bowl with baking powder, set aside
– with an electric mixer, mix the butter and sugar until fluffy
– add the sweetened condensed milk, keep mixing
– add the eggs one by one, keep mixing
– add the dates, keep mixing
– add the flour, keep mixing
– heat steamer
– grease bowl with vegetable oil
– pour the batter and steam for 40 minutes


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