Solo Goat Fried Rice

Serves 3

Whoaa, this fried rice is really delicious, highly recommended. Near my parents house, there is a sate restaurant selling sate, soup, fried rice and other menus with Solo spices. The restaurant is always packed because the meat is tender and they were generous with their spices. As the owned passed the business to his children, the price went up, the meat was hard and the spices going down the drain. The regular customers starts to drop and at the end those who were too hungry or first timer are the one that came by. Such a shame, the price is worst than eating in the most expensive mall in Indonesia and the meat so hard that you gums ache after eating. But I still reminisce the spices. My mother knew that these were Solo spices and she taught it to my brother and he can make it really delicious. Well, here is the recipe

150 gr diced lamb/goat meat
2-3 cups rice
2 cloves garlic
3 shallots/ 1/2 small red onion
3 long red chili
1 ripe small red tomato, diced
3 candle nuts
1 tsp shrimp paste/terasi
1-2 tsp salt
a dash of white pepper
3-5 tbs sweet soy sauce

How to prepare:
-make into a paste garlic, red chili, and candle nuts, set aside
-cut shallots into thin slices
-saute garlic paste and shallots until fragrant
-add the diced tomato and cook until soft
-add the lamb/goat meat and salt, stir well until cooked
-add the rice, stir well
-add the sweet soy sauce, white pepper and salt if not salty enough
-stir well, turn off heat, serve it while its hot


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