Wedang Kacang Tanah

Serves 4

When I was a student, I usually took holidays on weekends if I have extra spare cash. One of the destination was Solo because it was easy access. I could take the executive bus or ride the train in the evening and arrive there in the morning. I usually stay over at my friends houses since junior high. We would pig out from morning till night and hang out with some of his relative or friends. Solo is great, I really recommend you for holidays if you are interested. The city is clean, there are many batiks product with creative design and very, I mean very cheap to buy. The food is good and even the stall are quite hygienic because economy in Solo is good and the government one of the best manage in Indonesia. At night he would take me to this stall selling ‘wedang kacang tanah’. Wow, I didn’t know that you can turn peanuts to some really delicious sweet congee that really soothes you in a cold evening. I like the peanuts very soft, well it depends if you like it still crunchy.

200 gr raw peanuts without skin
1/2 cup sugar
4 cm ginger
1 screw pine leaf
750 ml water
2 tbs corn starch

How to prepare:
-boil the peanuts for 20 minutes with pressure cooker or almost an hour without
-add the sugar, ginger, screw pine leaf and cook for another 30 minutes
-dilute corn starch with water and pour into the mixture, stir well
-turn off heat when you have gain your desired consistency


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