Es Puter Duren

Makes 8 cups

Duren, the king of fruits, that’s what Asians like to call it. It is also an acronym for “Duda Keren”, it means ‘cool eligible divorced bachelor, ha ha just kidding.. We Indonesian have our own ice cream that uses coconut milk as base, it is called ‘es puter’. One flavor that everybody loves is ‘Duren’, combined with delicious fresh Duren, so yummy in hot weather. Usually accompanying Mie Ayam or Mie Bakso. It is also a favorite stall dessert in weddings if they order it.

It is not so difficult to make but with a little of extra effort because you have to take out the es puter once in a while and blender it to make it softer. Then at the last whip, add the duren. Feel the magic

1 lt light coconut milk
1/2 tsp salt
1 long pandan leaf
150 gr sugar
3 tbs corn starch
400 gr durian meat

How to prepare:
-add coconut milk, salt, pandan leaf, sugar and corn starch, mix well
-turn of heat low-medium,stir gently until it thickens, turn of heat
-cool to room temperature and freeze for 3 hours
-take out, scoop and blender, repeat process for 3 times
-add the durian and the ice in the blender and mix
-freeze and serve


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