Sambal Jahe

Every weekend Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy will introduce you to the vast options of relish/sambel that you can find in the Indonesian culinary world. There are various methods of preparing them, mostly with a mortar but some can be make with a blender. Some are raw, half done and cooked. It all depends on the accompanying dish.

Grind relish with lots of fresh ginger does smell wonderful. This relish are add to dishes in small portions and sometimes add with small portions of sweet soy sauce. It goes deliciously with nasi uduk (recipe here) and Hainan chicken rice (recipe here). Add it up with fried fish.  Stir it up with seafood with some sugar and tomato sauce taste also great.

5 shallots,
1 big garlic clove
4 cm ginger, peel it
10 dried chilies, soak in hot water
1 red chilies
sweet soy sauce

How to prepare:
-grill on fire the garlic clove and ginger
-make paste with a mortar or food processor, the shallots, garlic clove, ginger, dried chilies, red chili
-add sweet soy sauce for each servings


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