Sikuai Island – Padang West Sumatera

sikuaiStuck at home, prohibited to go out until mid January, life can be such a bore and this is one of those days that you wish you were somewhere else doing some fun holiday stuff. Outside is cold, it does snow but not much and at the end the snow will melt in the afternoon when the weather is warmer.

So, let me take you to an island, “Sikuai Island” located not far from Padang city, West Sumatera. This Island has become a private resort and adjacent islands are conservation areas for turtle breeding. This was around 4 years ago, I went there with my husband for our honeymoon. Very satisfied, I decided to write about it, so here we go.

New Sikuai Island Resort

The new management claims the resort as a ‘green tourism destination’. The New Sikuai Island Resort has a total area of 44.4 Ha – integrated with 54 rooms, restaurant, meeting room, swimming pool, sunset plaza and jogging track surrounding the island.


From BIM Airport (Minangkabau International Airport – PDG) it is best to take a taxi or any other form of transport and ask them to go to ” Dermaga Wisata Bahari in Pelabuhan Muara”. Most people at the airport will know where that is in Padang.

It is about a 45 minute drive from the airport to our office at Dermaga Wisata Bahari. Following the check-in guests can relax and wait for the departure at AW Resto. Sikuai island is located 23 km from Padang and takes about an hour to reach by our boats (less than half an hour if using a speedboat).

How Much Fun We Had At That Time
We took the 3 days honeymoon package, flew over to Padang, went to the dock where the resort boat picked us up. We were welcome with drinks and delicious lunch before heading to our room. At night they served candle light dinner at our front porch. So we ate while enjoying the breeze from the sea. Sometimes fishermen boat pass hitting their drums to attract fishes.

The second day, they took us with a boat to a private island and we had a nice picnic lunch on the beach. Afterwards we walk around and took some pictures around the island before they took us back again to the resort. Before dinner we walked around the island and hike on top of the highest hill to find the tsunami buoy radar that my husbands colleague had placed. We found remnants of 2 unused swimming pool nearby. As the day became darker and the nuance spookier, we went down the stairs to have dinner.

On the last day, we got a bike and cycled around the island, this was really fun. Afterwards we snorkeled and played with the coral fishes until we got hungry again. We had to pack our bags and leave the island afterwards.

snorkling sikuai

The food was really really good and the serving satisfying. We recommend that you bring your own snorkeling and swimming attire.Last but not least, Andys’ good advice wear sun protection cream.


7 thoughts on “Sikuai Island – Padang West Sumatera

  1. hi, could you let me know how you got the reservation on that island?? looks so amazing but no info so far on the hotel! cheers,

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