Zao Shinzen no Ie

If you are backpacker, students or family living in the Miyagi-Japan area and are looking for a fun, on the budget holiday. One spot I definitely can recommend you, visit the Zao Shinzen no Ie. I used to go to Sendai International Relation Association for my Japanese lessons. My favorite spot is the information board were activities, cheap holidays, festivals, parties and even second hand sales are to be found.


This time, I found some very good one day activities program to Zao. The first time I went to the Zao Shinzen no Ie was in autumn. We had an Imoni party, so we were divided into several groups and we cooked in big pan a miso soup base with ingredients that were in season. Afterward, we were free to roam around the building and find activities. There were arts and crafts, sport and onsen/hot spring spa. So, as my toddler is mad about onsen, we stayed in the spa until we were forced to go back.











In the winter time, I went there again and this time I took my husband along. Because the previous year he had fun in the ski resort, this time it was my turn to go on ski trekking and he will make some snow man and play sled with my daughter. The whole ski attire from head to toe is provided by them. In the morning session, we warmed up with our skiing attire on the big field. We were lucky to be the first group to be there. The snow cover was still pristine and very beautiful. For lunch break, we went to the canteen and had a simple lunch. After that we went trekking in the forest, this was really fun. We hike on top of the mountain through the bushes. Half way, we had a coffee break then headed back again to the main building. We skied down and I just realized that the road we took was really steep. No wonder I was loosing breath on the way up. Bring you folding bike along. There is a cheese farm nearby and some shops selling agricultural harvest.


The place offers holiday packages, activities including lodging for not more that 3000Y/person/day. The facility is often used by school children holidays, so they have beds that are is stacks. There are also rooms for one family available. If you are interested, please contact the following address.

Zao Shinzen no Ie


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