Tsukimi Soba

Tsukimi Soba
Serves 2

Need a breakfast that will boost your stamina in the morning. This tsukimi soba will do the trick. If you don’t like raw egg, half boiled will do the trick. I usually have the dashi made before hand, so in the morning I just warm it up and pour to the buckwheat noodle.

2 cups bonito flakes
750 ml water
1-2 tsp salt
2 tbs sugar
2 tbs soyu
2 tbs mirin
soba for 2


-raw egg yolk
-thin slices green onions

How to prepare:
-boil soba until cooked but not soft
-rinse in ice water, drain, set aside
-in a pane boil water, bonito flakes, salt, sugar, soyu, and mirin until cooked
-filter the bonito flakes

How to assemble:
-add soba in a bowl
-add the soup
-decorate with raw egg yolk and thin sliced green onions


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