Mini Martabak Bangka

Mini Martabak Bangka
Makes 20 Mini Martabaks

Mini martabaks are usually sold in morning markets or near elementary schools. The bigger versions are usually sold at night stalls. There are two versions of ‘martabak’. The salty egg based version (recipe here) called Martabak Telor, that uses duck eggs. The other is the sweet version that has various names based on the region ‘Martabak Manis’, ‘Martabak Bangka’ and ‘Martabak Terang Bulan’. The various popular filling for the sweet martabak version is chocolate, peanuts, shredded cheese, red sticky rice and..and..and my favorite filing ‘durian’. This is what this recipe is all about, ya’ll.

Frankly speaking, it took me more than 3 years to get the recipe or understand about the recipe. This is all about techniques and texture. So, let me floor it to you. The texture of a good sweet martabak must be thick with holes out of bubbles. Basically martabak Bangka doesn’t use yeast but most of the seller in Java island does uses it but make sure not too much otherwise it becomes breadish. If you decide to use yeast to gain more thickness and bubbles. Make sure that you don’t leave it overnight because the yeast will give this horrific odor that stays after baking. Other tricks is all about the whisking and mixing method. Because the crust has to be crunchy, the based has to be flat and soft and the inside thick and bubble. Uses a skillet not a non sticky pan for better results. Hope this is not too heavy for you.


300 gr flour
300 ml water
30 gr sugar
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp yeast (optional)
50 gr margarine/butter (melted)

3 eggs
40 gr sugar
1 1/4 baking soda

How to prepare:
-A. in a bowl add all the ingredients and with a whisk, mix for 30 minutes
-if you use yeast (because I don’t), dilute the yeast in warm water first until it bubbles, then add into the mixture
-add the melted butter/margarine into the mixture
-B. in another bowl, with an electric mixer, mix the eggs,sugar, baking soda until white fluffy and foamy
-add the egg batter to the flour batter little by little until they are well dissolved
-leave it for 30 minutes
-heat skillet in very very low heat
-wipe some butter to the skillet
-pour some scoop of the batter make sure that some of the side gets it too to make some crust
-cover with a lid
-spread sugar evenly when the batter is 3/4 cooked
3/4 martabak
-cover the lid and cook until all the bubbles have come out
martabak done
-with a cake knife, scroll the side and take out the martabak and place it into a plate
-add butter into the middle of the martabak
martabak and butter
-add the durian into the martabak
martabak and durian
-fold and serve


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