Sakana kassen to aburi-yaki neneya

sashimi salad

魚活鮮と炙り焼き 寧々家

We were looking for a place to dine in for dinner. So, we walked through the streets of Ichibanchoo in Sendai until we reach the end of it somewhere at Mitsukoshi department store. Most of the restaurant were western or from other foreign cuisine. This was difficult as my toddler is not fond of those food and we had to find a restaurant that serves sashimi. We walked back and turned left from Disney store to find Toei Plaza that has 6 floors full of restaurants. We stopped at every floor and read through the menu list and at the end we decided to dine at Sakana Kassen to Aburi-yaki Neneya. It was a good choice.

I really love the interior design of this restaurant. It was chic and everything was customized designed. It was a Japanese modern lay out. I was so impressed at their toilet that I was thinking of copy catting the design for my toilet at home.  Very nice indeed.

For a starter, they served fried tofu with boiled green beans in Japanese sauce. This was sweet and light, yummy.


We wanted to taste their natto salad and we were quite satisfied with the originality of the sauce.

This salad that consist of filling in a California roll, wrapped in tofu skin caught my attention and we ordered it. They gave sesame sauce dressing to go along. This is one beautiful dish and very elegant. The taste was fresh, light and Japanese sweet.
tofu roll

As always, we will order a sashimi set to go along.

We ordered their fried rice and it was really tasty.
fried rice

To close the dinner, a glass of matcha ice cream was really delightful.
ice cream


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