Fried Gobo Stick

gobo stick

Serves 2

Every week, one of the supermarket here will drop us a box assorted in season vegetables worth less than 1000Y. It is always a surprise, a pleasant one. One of the vegetable brought is Gobo (Burdock), a long root that taste similar to Indonesian ‘Bengkoang’. This root is very healthy and good for breastfeeding women.

In this very easy recipe, we will turn Gobo to a snack that you can nibble with breastfeeding or any other activities. The lesson learned is that cornstarch will keep being white as snow in deep fries. So, monitor the gobo, make sure you fry it until slightly brown.

1-2 very long gobo stick, cut into small sticks
1/3 cup soyu
1 tsp garlic paste
1 tsp ginger paste
3/4 cup cornstarch

How to prepare:
-marinate the gobo stick with soyu, garlic paste and ginger paste for 30-40 minutes
-prepare cornstarch in a bowl
-heat deep fry oil
-drain and pat some gobo stick in the cornstarch and drop in the deep fry oil
-take out when the stick are light brown
-drain oil and serve


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