Ketan Bakar Sauce Taoco

Ketan Bakar sauce tauco
Serves 2

Grilled sticky rice is a traditional food popular in West Java. They usually serve it with ‘oncom’, it looks like tempeh but the fungus is orange in color. For me oncom is more tasty than tempeh. Unfortunately, they are almost never available abroad, so I did some little innovation by substituting it with tauco paste. It turned out to be yummmy. A great snack for light breakfast or tea break

Grilled Sticky Rice
250 gr sticky rice
2 tbs dried coconut
200 ml coconut milk
1 salt

How to prepare:
-soak the sticky rice grain in cold water overnight
-drain water and steam the sticky rice for 20 minutes
-at the same time boil coconut milk in low heat and add salt
-after 20 minutes, turn of heat and place the sticky rice in a big bowl
-mix with a wooden spoon it with dried coconut and coconut milk, little by little
-steam again for another 20 minutes
-take out when done and place again in a big bowl
-stir with a wooden spoon
-wear plastic gloves, take some of the steamed sticky rice, turn them into balls and flat them
-heat non sticky pan and fry them without oil until fragrant on both side set aside
ketan bakar

Taoco Sauce
2 tbs taoco paste
1 tbs sugar
2-5 tbs water

How to prepare:
-add all in a pan, boil in low heat, stir gently

How to serve:
-add some grilled sticky rice in a plate and pour some sauce on top


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