Syounan Chiga Sakimichi Kokubuncyou Ten


湘南茅ヶ崎 道 国分町店

We were looking for a place to dine in on Saturday night down town. So we checked online recommended restaurants in Sendai. After reading through the options. We decided to dine at Syounan Chiga Sakimichi in Kokobucyou because they allow children and had private rooms. The restaurant serves Japanese cooking and had a classic Japanese style wooden decoration. There specialty was seafood, especially varieties of raw servings. These are the various menus that we ordered:

Appetizer, on the house, the restaurant served  chopped bamboo shoots, carrots and shimeji sauteed  in soyu. It tasted very homy.

Fried shrimp dumpling, this was on their special menu. Minced shrimp with minced boiled eggs wrapped in gyoza skin and deep fried. They served it with mayonaise and mustard.

Avocado salad with sesame and chuka dressing, a light, no meat salad. I loved the sour, sweet and soyu taste of the chuka dressing.

Squid sashimi with roe, a very tasty squid sashimi and goes well with the shredded daikon.

Sashimi set, the serving of the sashimi really caught my attention, very pretty

Clam in butter sauce, a specialty of the house. The taste was warm and sweet

Seafood Nabe, look at that glorious serving. The soup bash was only dashi topped with shrimp, fish, fish balls, chicken and assorted vegetables. They served it with soyu in a separated bowl for you to add in you bowl if it is not tasty enough.

Cheese cake and ice cream, the cheese cake was really creamy and blended smoothly with the ice cream

Strawberry ice cream, yummy strawberry ice cream with fresh strawberry bits, very creamy and delicious.

The taste and serving was satisfying. We were impressed by the waiter and waitress ‘homy’ hospitality. Every time we discussed our order with them, they will check what they have in the kitchen for special request from us. So, it doesn’t feel like eating in a chain restaurant, where the menu is strictly set. We recommend it.


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