Grilled Beef Sammjang Rice Bowl

Grilled Beef Sammjang Rice Bowl
Serves 4

I got another of those Korean spices as present from my brother, hooray. This time is ‘Sammjang’, soy bean paste like miso with garlic, sesame oil and chili. I highly recommend this spices for those who are too busy to cook because you can just marinate it with any meat, almost any meat you can find in the supermarket. It is also a great dip for salad sticks. This time I marinate it with thin cut sirloin because I felt like barbequing them. If you want to make fillings for Asian buns, then add some sammjang, with sweet soy sauce and sugar to the minced chicken. How efficient can sammjang be, truly efficient.

500 gr thin slices sirloin
200 gr sammjang
rice for 4 persons

How to prepare:
-marinate the sirloin slices with sammjang for 30 minutes
-grilled the beef slices
-add rice into a bowl
-add the grilled beef on top


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