Tsukiji Shokudō Genchan

Beef salad

築地食堂 源ちゃん
Another Japanese restaurant that we tasted at Aeon Natori is Tsujiki Shokudoo Genchan. This restaurant appeals to my little daughter because there is a fish aquarium in front of the store. Those fishes will be freshly cut when sushi, sashimi or other fish sets are ordered. Taste wise I couldn’t say much but one thing for sure is that the beef steak salad was very tasty. So tasty that I tried making at home but failed constantly. Another thing that caught my attention is the way they serve their courses in small pretty Japanese plates that were very appealing.

sashimi setsalmoncumitofu

This was a crash dinner because we weren’t that hungry but need some food to fill our tummy before going on a long trip back to the city. We ordered the sashimi set, mini salmon sashimi don, squid salad and soft tofu.


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