Hainan Chicken Rice Bento

Hainan Chicken Rice Bento

Next month my daughter will start kindergarten and the thing I fear the most is…..making bento’s. You see, I like to cook but I don’t like to do the details like how the Japanese do their bento’s but I have to adjust myself to be able to do it because other moms will prepare beautiful cut bento’s for their children…aarrrggghhh… So, starting today, I will post bento ideas just to warm up this bento making skill, hoping to reduce bento making anxiety and morning nervousness when the time comes. Today’s premier edition, I will inspire you with a Hainan Chicken Rice bento with some apples and cucumber to go a long.

Hainan Chicken Rice recipe here
Cut apples
Cut cucumbers


12 thoughts on “Hainan Chicken Rice Bento

  1. I completely understand how you feel about making bento boxes. We used to live in Japan and these Japanese moms are quite competitive in their bento boxes. I was just lucky if my rice balls were actually in a ball shape and these ladies were making animal shapes out of theirs. However in the end it is all about taste and your Hainan chicken looks very tasty

  2. I love this dish, and we have a Thai version of it too. I like your addition of the apple because it makes it appealing to children. I think every country in SE Asia has a version of it–in fact, wherever there are Chinese people you’ll find this, the ultimate comfort food.

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