Marugameseimen Sendai higashiguchi-ten

丸亀製麺 仙台東口店

We Indonesian loves “mie ayam” (recipe here). In Japan, as substitution to our cravings, there are a lot of noodle(ramen, udon, soba) outlets to try. One that come close to the mie ayam taste is gyu tan noodle in one of our favorite restaurant. Another outlet that becomes one of our favorite is Maruga meseimen. The reason is simple, the spices they use is very tasty, out of the ordinary Japanese light spices. We come here almost every weekend because our daughter loves it so much. Here are some of what’s in their menu.

Gobo Gyu Udon
Gobo Gyu-don

Mentai Udon
Mentai Udon with Onsen Tamago

Assorted Stuff:

Salmon Onigiri, Fried Chicken, Ebi Tempura, Vegetable Tempura


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