Shinobu-ka Sendai Nakakechō-ten

忍家 仙台名掛丁店

We were looking for somewhere to dine in. A restaurant that has private room and specializes in local cuisine. It was getting late and we choose a place near the bus stop for later convenience. We chose to dine in at “Shinobu-ka Sendai”. Every restaurant have their own specialty, that’s a part that I like. Some of those special dishes that caught my attention was the fried small anchovies on the salad, takoyaki in cheese fondue, and seafood hot pot. Here are some of the dishes and drinks that we ordered from their menu.

Mame, boiled Japanese beans


Salad with Fried Mini Anchovies

Fried Chicken Salad
Fried Chicken Salad with Mayonnaise Sauce

Sashimi Set
Sashimi Salad Set

Takoyaki in Cheese Fondue

Seafood Hot Pot
Seafood wth Rice Hot Pot

Seafood Nabe
Seafood Nabe

Berry TeaGrapefruit Berry Soda
Berries Ice Tea and Grapefruit Berry Soda


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