Yamauchi nōjō Sendai Kokubu-chō Tōei Puraza-ten

山内農場 仙台国分町東映プラザ店

It was dinner time and we wanted to find a nice restaurant to dine in. We check here and there and read the menus of each restaurant that we encounter. After a long walk we decided to dine in at Yamauchi Nojo at Toei Building. What caught our attention was that the restaurant was very noisy from outside meaning that it was packed with people chatting while enjoying the food. We got a private room and scroll down the menu. I really love the design of the menu and the restaurant guaranteed that the ingredients came from the best farm and from the best fishermen in Japan. After dinner I can say that I am satisfied and that Yamauchi Nojo delivered what it promised. These are some of the menu that we ordered.

Miso appetizer
Kyuuri and cabbage with miso appetizer
What a nice surprise, a restaurant that serves fresh veggies and miso as their complimentary appetizer. The Kyuuri and cabbage was really delicious, fresh, crunchy and sweet. Eating this reminds me of eating Indonesian ‘rujak’ in Indonesia.

Tai Sashimi
Tai Sashimi and Tai Miso Sashimi
Wow, the sashimi tasted really sweet and fresh. This was also my first time that the sashimi was served with miso.

Assorted Sashimi
Assorted Sashimi

Basashi with Egg Yolk

Basashi with egg yolk
Wow, this raw horse meat sashimi with egg yolk was really delicious and sweet. I was really surprised that horse meat can be as delicious as fish based sashimi.

Warm cow fat in miso soup with egg yolk, yummEEE

chicken teriyaki don
Chicken Teriyaki Don
The chicken was sweet and combined with all other fresh ingredients was just great.

Mango on Ice
Mango on Ice
The beer glass portion was really perfect for accompanying a great meal as tonight’s dinner at Yamauchi


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