Fried Javanese Beehun

Fried Javanese Beehun
Serves 3

This dish reminds me of first grade elementary school. It was my favorite thing to buy during lunch time together with ice tea or some syrup drinks. I still remember that it cost Rp.75,- at that time. Writing this, I imagine that if I our leaders and its minister orchestrate their administration properly and that till now the price will be the same but inflation did happen along the way. So, now the same portion will cost around Rp. 1.000,-. It’s harder for those whom are marginal to gain profit to make ends meat or even safe. Trapped in continuous loans and sharks are a lot there, trapping them even harder. Even if you install some pro poverty program you can’t just dump money to save them because they don’t know how to save or rotate the money to make more profit if the program is not long term. Oh, why did I become so mellow this morning..Anyway..this is Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy, its about recipe, so here is the recipe.

one bag beehun
1 cup chicken breast, cut into thin long slices
1 cup shrimps
3 cloves garlic
2 candle nuts
1/3 cup sweet soy sauce
3 mini tomatoes, cut into thin slices
1-2 tsp salt
a dash of pepper
2 eggs
a bag of pok choy, cut into 3 pieces
a cup of carrot, shredded

How to prepare:
-soak beehun in warm water, drain
-make scrambled eggs, set aside
-add the chickenm saute until cooked
-in a bowl mix the beehun with sweet soy sauce, set aside
-make garlic and candle nuts into a paste
-saute in oil until fragrant
-add the chicken
-add the shrimps, saute half done
-add 2 tbs sweet soy sauce and tomatoes, saute until it blends together
-add the beehun and blend together
-add the scramble eggs, mix well
-add the pokcoy and shredded carrot, mix well


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