Airline Inspired Omelette and Sausage Breakfast

Airline Inspires Omelette and Sausage breakfast
Serves 1

The best food that I always await on airplane travel is actually breakfast time. Oh, how I love it when they serve omelette with sausage and grilled tomatoes. The creamy texture just blend well between those three dishes that I actually always wish that I could have more than one portion. Unfortunately we can’t do that. So a way out of it is to make those at home. This time I added some fried diced potatoes to go along. Oh, what a great breakfast it was.

2 large eggs
2 tbs milk
a dash of salt
a dash of pepper

How to prepare:
-in a bowl whisk all the ingredients together
-in a small pan (15 cm) add butter and turn on low heat
-add the egg batter and stir genly with a wooden spoon until you curdles spread evenly
-let the other egg batter fill the gap and fry it until cooked but still yellow in color
-fold into half and serve

Fried Sausage

2 chicken sausages

How to prepare:

-cut each sausage into three pieces
-give thin horizontal cuts to add some texture
-heat pan with light oil
-saute the sausage
-take out when brown and serve

Grilled tomatoes
10 cherry tomatoes
2 tbs olive oil
a dash of salt
a dash of black pepper

How to prepare:
-add the tomatoes sprinkled with olive oil, salt and black pepper
-heat oven in medium heat and grill for 5 minutes
-take out and serve

Fried Diced Potatoes
one big potato
a dash of salt
a dash of pepper
a dash of dried parsley

How to prepare:
-clean and wash the potatoes
-cut them into dices, you can leave the skin if you like
-deep fry the potato until golden brown
-take out and drain the oil
-add into another bowl
-spinkle with salt, pepper and dried parsley
-mix together and serve

How to assemble:
-in a plate assemble the omellet, sausage, grilled tomatoes and fried potatoes evenly
-serve with tomato sauce, mustard sauce and mayonnaise

7 thoughts on “Airline Inspired Omelette and Sausage Breakfast

  1. Super cute! Airline food in First Class maybe or the 1970’s when they used to serve real food. I remember when they used to give us kids real frozen ice cream mud pies! Mmmm … those were the days.

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