Blood Orange Spremuta

Blod orange spremuta
Serves 1

What I remember from my childhood days is on hot summer days when we had to go out to the market to stock our weekly groceries.We would stop by our favorite cafeteria and order fresh squeezed blood orange spremuta. Sometime I would have two of these thirst quenching drinks. I usually ask for ice and add one or two tea spoon of sugar to go along, just perfect. Sometimes my mom buys a bag of blood orange and at home now I do stock these oranges sometimes but I wonder why it doesn’t taste as good as the one in that cafeteria. Uuhhhmm, maybe it is just the ambiance that I

2 blood orange
1-2 tsp sugar
1/2 cup ice blocks

How to prepare:
-add ice blocks in the glass
-squeeze the juice of the blood orange and pour in the glass
-add some sugar and stir


7 thoughts on “Blood Orange Spremuta

  1. This reminds me of being in Rome or Venice where nearly every cafe will freshly squeeze some oranges – often blood oranges – for you and I drink lots of spremuta when there. In Spain I visit friends near Valencia who always make spremuta each morning with the wonderful local oranges that are so sweet you don’t need sugar. Great post, Mama; I love hearing stories like this of nice memories of childhood.

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