Almond pudding cocktail

Almond Pudding Cocktail
Serves 4

The first time I ate this refreshing cocktail was at a house party my senior hosted, you know the..”Mom and Dad are Abroad” kind of house party. I was a new kid on the block and –> it was my mom who drove me to his house…uuuurrrghhh, my mom is his mom’s best friend. He prepared a big punch bowl of these goodies and I couldn’t have enough of it. The party sucks anyway and it was kind of boring because all who came didn’t want to make a fool of them selves. Years later his mom decided to go into the restaurant business and have several chains in Jakarta.

2 can of fruit cocktails
1 sachet nutrijell
5 tbs sugar
300 ml water
300 ml milk
1-2 tbs almond essence
5 cup ice blocks

How to prepare:

-add nutrijell, sugar, water, milk in a pan and cook in low heat
-stir gently until the water comes into a boil, turn of heat
-keep stirring and add the almond essence
-place the nutrijell in a flat rectangular bowl, cool it off and place in the fridge
-take out and cut into dices and place in a big punch bowl
-add the fruit cocktail and ice block, and stir gently
-add some more water if it is too sweet


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