Srikaya Pisang

Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy

Makes 6 small cups

Srikaya is sweets that I usually order as dessert in a Padang restaurant. I love it very much, the eggy custardish texture with the sweet spice scent that melts in your mouth..hhmm yummy.

My mother friend use to give these Srikayas’ served in small cups to us on special occasions. As she is a native Palembang, the Srikaya is green in color because they use screwpine leaves and suji leaves. In the Palembang culture, Srikaya will be served on big occasion such as feast and Eid ul Fitr. The brides family will bring this delicacy to the grooms family as a gift on wedding days.

Different from my mother in law, the Srikaya from Padang is brown in color because she uses brown sugar andspekulaas spices to give taste to this fine dessert. From my husbands family, this is a must to have as break fast…

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