Sate Kambing Bento

Sate Kambing Bento

This bento will make you full and fill your tummy for a whole day. The recipe is from sate kambing but I stick the meat into tooth picks so it can fit into a bento box. I saute some broccoli, chicken sausage and diced carrot to go along. It was not really in harmony but tasted good.

Sate kambing (recipe here)

Sauteed Broccoli and Carrot

One cup frozen broccoli
One cup diced carrot
One cup diced chicken sausage
light soy sauce

How to prepare:

-heat pan with light oil
-saute the broccoli with chicken sausage
-sprinkle some light soy sauce, set aside
-in the same pan, add the diced carrot
-sprinkle some light soy sauce and sautee, set aside


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