Japanese Minced Chiken and Omelette on Rice

Japanese minced chicken and Omelette
Serves 2

Actually, my neighbor gave me these beautiful dish that I could resist taking a picture of it and share it with all of my readers. The taste is very light and sweet, kids will love it. In Japanese “sari shiteru” (Uuuhh, I learned that from Fae, dunno if it is correct or not), it means light in taste. Making is so so easy that you can prepare it for dinner tonight. Don’t you just love the color combinations.

Minced Chicken:

300 r minced chiken
3-4 tbs soyu
1 tsp sugar

How to prepare:
-heat pan with some oil
-saute the minced chicken
-pour the soyu and sprinkle the sugar
-saute until cooked, set aside

The Omelette
2 small eggs
2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt

How to prepare:
-batter all the ingredients above
-heat on sticky pan
-add some of the batter and spread evenly
-fry until done but not brown or dry
-take out and let in cool
-cut into small pieces, set aside

Boiled Spinach and Shrimps
A bag of young spinach, cut
Some shrimps with tail on

How to prepare:

-in a pan boil water
-when boiling and the spinach and cook until light green
-take out and rinse in cold water
-drain, set aside
-cut the shrimp in the middle and make a flat side
-assemble in a flat place like a plate and pour gently hot water
-with a fork keep it so it doesn’t curl
-drain water, set aside

How to assemble:

-add rice in a bowl
-spread the minced chicken, omelette evenly and spinach
-decorate with shrimp


4 thoughts on “Japanese Minced Chiken and Omelette on Rice

  1. Darling Mama Miyuki,
    – Indeed the colors are note-worthy beautiful, and the dish is photo-worthy. You have a nice neighbor. 😀
    – The word is ‘sappari (shiteru)’ = refreshing… 1: feeling refreshed; feeling relieved; 2: neat; trimmed; 3: plain; simple (also the word has other meanings, such as not at all – sappari wakaranai.)
    – FYI, I have posted a new Japanese recipe/misoshiru and 4 more sappari shiteru dishes coming-up. 😀
    – I saw a recipe for Nasi Goreng on TV a detailed version (all ingredients/sauces from scratch). I noted/read all your Nasi posts. I am planning on making it tonight. I will report back or you will see it as my new discovery post. 😀 )))

  2. This dish has so many of the things I love about Japanese food. The flavors are kept distinct and very lightly seasoned. Then when you combine them they look so beautiful. Great dish. I will certainly try this.

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