Strawberry Mousse

Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy

Makes 12 mini cups

Strawberry mousse is own of those indulging desserts that I can’t miss. It is so delicious that I tend to forget everything when I am enjoying it. Some Indonesian families likes to hold glamorous wedding events with 1500-3000 guest, there will be the main food buffet and assorted stalls. When I am invited to a wedding, I usually check which catering is providing all the food because as you go to weddings every week, you will know which food favorite food you will go after. One of the famous catering provider is Tiara Royale, I love their strawberry mouse so much that I will just ignore the other stalls. My mother kept telling me that it is so easy to make and gave me the recipe. She was right, it is so easy to make. I served it to friends and they went mad about it…

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