Pandan Srikaya Pies

pandan srikaya pies

Makes 12 small pies

This was a sweet for breaking fast during Ramadhan. My mom sent me fresh pandan and suji leaves, a natural food coloring with delightful scent. I had ready made pie cups so I had the idea to add some pandan srikaya on top and served it chilled for later in the afternoon. We loved it, it was fragant and very sweet. Perfect to boost back energy after a day fasting. You can’t find substitute for those two leaves. Pandan is available abroad but suji is hardly imported.

12 ready made pie cups
3 eggs
200 gr sugar
200 ml coconut milk
5 pandan leaves
5 suji leaves

How to prepare:

-blender the coconut milk, suji leaves and pandan leaves
-filter the coconut milk, repeat the process until the leaves are discolored, add some water if necessary
-add the mixed coconut milk, sugar and eggs in a bowl, mix evenly
-heat pan with water
-when the water boils, add the bowl on top and stir the coconut mixture until it becomes pasty
-turn of heat and let it cool
-add some of the srikaya to the pie cups and store in the refrigerator
-serve it cold

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