Funny Signs

photo (17)

Japan is famous for the tidy and cleanness of its cities and how polite and appropriate their citizens are. This is true, especially in Sendai but sometimes in hectic hours people looses their patients and forget all the rules and social norms. I stumbled upon some funny posters to remind the users of public transportation to obey these norms and not pester other people on board. I think this is also very relevant to Indonesian people.

photo (16)

Do Not Use the Volume on High Level!

photo (20)

Do Not Smoke and Enjoy the Public Toilet while Doing your Duty in the Morning!

photo (21)

Do Not use the Mobile Phone in the Special Area, some People uses Hearing Devices!

photo (22)

Do Not sit in the Middle of the Entrance Door

photo (23)

Do Not put your Belongings on Available Seats of other Passenger!


4 thoughts on “Funny Signs

  1. It would be great if they are used in Indonesia. I think the passengers will pay more attention (compared to the more traditional signs). I am quite optimistic that it will slowly bring more consciousness.

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