Sun Flower Feast Osaki – Miyagi

sun flower osaki

In mid summer we went with other Indonesian families to Osaki, in the Northern part of Miyagi. We rented a car and it took around 2 hours to get there. There is not much to see actually, only 6 fields of sun flowers and a big stall selling assorted products out of sunflower, one selling snack and another selling handicrafts. We walked down the fields and took pictures. Behind it was rice paddy field. It was striking hot that day, so we hang out in the stall and tasted the famous sun flower ice cream.
himawari ice cream
It tasted like burnt sun flower seed with honey. We also bought sun flower cookies to bring home. Other products that you can bring home includes a pot of sun flower, sun flower relish, soft cooking, senbe and so forth.

The snack shops offers standard Japanese favorite summer junk food like kaki gori, oden, fritters and soda to go with. The handicraft stall sold wooden products like cooking spatula and other stuff. I use to sell these products when I was still a university student and honestly it was really difficult to sell it.

We went home with a heavy headache due to the heat but we had fun.

photo (39)


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