Sakura cookies

sakura cookies

Makes 24 cookies

It turns out that Sakura flowers are edible in various forms. The ones you will find in the market are those preserved in salt. So, you have to soak them in hot water first before adding them to tea or placing them as confectionery. I tried them all and nothing had impressed me until I met the Sakura cookies recipe from our fellow blogger Bicil the Baker. Look at those beautiful food photography pictures. I made some of these and brought them to my daughters kindergarten outings.They look pretty and taste very light butter cookies. I like them and so did my daugther and other moms who tried it. I adjusted some of the ingredients as follow

120gr Cake flour
90gr Unsalted butter
50gr Granulated sugar
2-3 drops vanilla or almond essence
1 pinch of salt
1 Egg yolk
24 pieces preserved sakura

How to prepare:

-soak sakura in boiling water while preparing all the ingredients, set aside
-with an electric mixer, beat the butter and salt
-add the granulated sugar, beat until fluffy
-add the essence and egg yolk
-add the filtered flour and kneed
-cover the bowl with a plastic wrap then place in the refrigerator for one hour
-heat oven on high for 5-7 minutes
-drain sakura and soak in cold water then take out and let it dry out
-take out the dough and let it come to room temperature
-roll and form the cookies
-add the preserved sakura and some sugar
-bake on medium for 15-20 minutes


6 thoughts on “Sakura cookies

  1. Your cookies are beautiful Mama Miyuki! Sweet is better than salty sakura flowers. I love sakura mochi though. I wonder if I can buy preserved sakura in Nijiya in San Francisco. I shall look for it. 😛

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