Sundaes in Sendai

When the weather is warm, I like to take a walk around town and take my daughters to enjoy Sundaes. In my eyes, Sundaes are the pretty version of ice creams. Very nice decorated with other assorted sweets it looks beautiful to take pictures of them. I went around and tasted those of local brands. What I have encountered is that some shops have pretty pictures of their Sundaes on display but taste horrific in reality. On the other end, there are those who has a so so display but you will be satisfied to taste the real ones as they use very good quality ingredients. Here are some of the Sundaes I have enjoyed starting from the very satisfying to the ones.

Gusto Cafe Sundae

One day I had to pick up my daughter at the kindergarten before lunch. So, I dropped by to have a quick lunch at Gusto Cafe next to her school. I ordered some in season spaghetti and a pretty sundae to go along with. It was vanilla ice cream covered with purple sweet potato cream, glaced sweet potato and angko. Wow, it melts in your mouth and tasted very smooth. As I walk home, I couldn’t stop thinking of it and had the urge to have another glass of those sweet potato Sundae. I highly recommend you to go there for a taste.

kikusuian matcha sundaekikusuian black tea sundae











Other Japanese specialties that is a must for you to taste are tea flavored ice cream. One of the best local shop is Kikusuian (喜久水庵). They have many variaties of tea for you to choose and have a Sundae shop. I bought the matcha Sundae topped with dango, matcha cake and heaps of angko. The other flavor that I tried is those of black tea topped with wafles, angko, black tea cake, dango, kanten and more angko. Hmmm, both are yummy, for a portion you can enjoy for two person, it is delightful.

Sendai vegalta cafe sundae

Another place that I like to drop by after playing with my daughter at Nobisuku Sendai, is Sendai Vegalta cafeteria that is located on the first floor of the building. The cafe is owned by the local soccer club and sells varieties of fans merchandise. The only thing that I always buy there is their Sundae that I can enjoy together with my daughter. I ate so much and took a lot of pictures but unfortunately they were stored in the mobile phone that I lost. In this picture, it is vanilla soft ice with matcha syrup and topped with angko, dango and matcha cake with lot’s of cream on top.

Bikkuri Donkey Sundae

I took my daughter to Bikkuri Donkey restaurant because I wanted to enjoy their gigantic peace Sundae. When I got there my daughter preferred to have the chocolate sundae instead. Well it taste like anything at Mc Donalds or in Indonesia wedding caterings. The vanilla soft ice was covered in chocolate sauce topped with choco cruch and some love shaped cookies that you can buy in the super markets

Choco cro chocolate sundae

There is a cafeteria called Choco cro around Japan. Outside they have mouth watering candle based displays and most of them are Sundaes. Every single time I pass by, I always made a plan to taste each and every one of them. One day I decided to drop by and ordered their creme caramel choco Sundae. Boy, was I dissapointed, they served ordinary ice cream topped with FROZEN strawberries and mint that was watery and yucky.Then there were the choco wafer, the cheap tasting creme caramel, some choco crunch. All of the ingredients that you can buy in the supermarket.


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