Sambal Kemiri

Sambal Kemiri Ingredients

Sambal Kemiri Ingredients

You will find this authentic Jakarta relish in places selling nasi uduk and Jakarta friend chicken. People usually add a little bit of sweet soy sauce to go with. When I was in high school, my class mate will buy us nasi uduk for breakfast and this sambal kemiri will be there. In the canteen, they serve this relish to go with lontong and assorted fried tahu and tempes. The taste is not sweet so I prefer to add some sweet soy sauce to go with.

sambal kemiri

5 long red chilies, clean seeds, cut into 4
10 dried chilies
5 candle nuts
3/4 cup fried peanuts
1 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1-2 tsp vinegar
50 ml hot water

How to prepare:
-boil hot water, then add the long red chilies and the dried chilies
-boil until soft
-take out and drain water, set aside
-crush finely the candle nuts and fry them without oil until fragrant, set aside
-crush the peanuts coarsely, set aside
-add all the ingredients in the blender and make paste


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