Yamaimo salad

Yamaimo salad
Serves 1

Do you know Yamaimo? Well, it is a root vegetable with a structure like daikon but if you grate it, the texture becomes very gooey and sticky. It taste mild but before grating it you have to soak it in cold water with vinegar otherwise it will be very itchy. The plant look like this.


Famously, yamaimo is the ingredients that makes the Okonomiyaki pancake. You can find yamaimo poured on top of udon. During my long stay here in Japan, I grew to like yamaimo eaten raw, with raw egg yolks. Combined they taste creamy.

10 cm yamaimo
2 tbs vinegar
1 egg yolk
1 tbs wakame
1 tbs diced green onions
3 tbs dashi soyu

How to prepare:
-peel and soak yamaimo in vinegar and cold water for 15 minutes
-grated yamaimo and place into a bowl
-add wakame, egg yolk, and green onions
-pour dashi soyu evenly


6 thoughts on “Yamaimo salad

  1. So, you got into yamaimo! Nice looking breakfast/salad. I am enjoying your blog more than ever, since you came back from your (computer issue) break. Sharing your Japanese encounters/activities and introduction of food discoveries are quite amusing, Mama Miyuki!

    • Yes, Fae..l.o.l, yamaimo, raw egg yolk and ajinomoto..OMG..I realize by reducing the recipes that I have to publish each week also reduced my pressure and I have more time to elaborate my experience at that time. Good to hear that you enjoy!

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