Beny’s Land Sendai

Beny's land

Here in Sendai, they have a big luna park right next to the Yagiyama Zoo. Beny’s Land, is the name of the Park and this outdoor luna park can be an option for you and you family to go there for the weekend. We enjoyed bringing our children here as we could try all of their amusement facilities. All the facilities can be enjoyed in half a day which is good if you bring young children.

In the middle sections, right in front of the entrance you will find the “Merry Go Around”, where all the family member can go in.
Merry go around

The “coin car” is fit for one parent and one infant. You queue, then add the coin in the car and enjoy driving around. When you are done with it and would like to go for another ride, then you have to queue again.
coin car

The flying saucer and umbrella can be your next stop for some amusement adrenalin. These are for older children and not suitable for kindergarten age children.

flyinf saucer

The pirate ship is your next target, with more adrenalin compared to the flying saucer. Scream on top of you lungs and enjoys the fresh air.
pirate ship

Now, let’s go to the middle section through this castle ( look alike gate. Maybe, some newly weds like to come here for after wedding pictures and take a picture under this bridge.
castle bridge

More tummy shaking facilities for you. Try on board the “Toro Spin”. Make sure you wave to the by passer when you look down from above.


The next stop will be the ghost houses. Go there together with someone because you walk through it. Let loose some of your scream.
ghost houseghost house

Take a rest for a while by sitting in the Ferris wheel and enjoy the city of Sendai from above. Bring some snack along but don’t litter.
Ferris wheel

Another coin cars but this time bigger rubber cars are available for you to try. If you want more race feeling. There is the mini car race circuit behind.

car race

Other children friendly facilities are the trampoline and the ship game.


There are still more facilities that you can enjoy. Those I will not post for the sake of curiosity. After a half day ride, take a break and enjoy their “Tori Yaki” in shio/salt or kare/sweet soy sauce taste.

tori yakisoft ice

Bye-bye for now, till the next adventures.


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