Steak Gusto

Steak Gusto

Now, this restaurant is very highly recommended. Steak Gusto, owned by the mother company “Skylark”. Serving high quality steak and assorted buffet for the best price ever. If you are into investment, then this company I highly recommend. Not only Gusto, but all of their restaurants serves high quality food with good taste and good service. I have written about their other company “Grand Buffet“, that provides buffet style dining. Both became our favorite restaurant to go for. Definitely satisfying!!! The picture above is the steak that you can’t miss, “rib loin steak”. Very juice and tasty.

They also have a selection of steak that have Japanese sauce topped over it.
Japanese sauce

This is the classic sirloin steak which is a favorite menu among customers. You can select various sauces to go on top.
sirloin steak

If you feel like beef or chicken, you can order the combined grilled steak with sauce of the month.
combined steak

There are a selection of fish steaks for you but these are not their strong points. I usually ask for a cut of steak from my husband just to forget the taste.
fish steakThere are side dishes that you can order, such as the karage/fried chicken, french fries and more.


The premium steaks comes with free all you can eat buffet which provides a selection of rice, bread, Japanese curry, salad bar, dessert bar, soup, drink bar and Popsicle.
grilled breadcakwefruitsalad barjelly
This is the only place where you can find ‘cakwe’, fried Chinese bread in their food selection menu. The price is affordable and the food is served in high quality. Check out Skylark companies if you are in town 😉


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