Happy Second Anniversary Mama Miyuki


Wow, two years already and boy time flies so fast, too fast I think. So, how was the second year blogging from my perspective?!  Well, blogging works like writing a song, a movie script or a book. To be a good blogger you have to be able to be yourself and able express how you think, see and feel. The compassion in you has to be felt by the readers. You have to have a clear target audience and be happy when you are around them, to share your life and sometime they share back with you about their lives. Sometime it is just a small number, sometimes it is a large crowd but they are there enjoying your blog. A balance between good quality photography and good writings. When you get it right, people will let you know how much they appreciate and you will learn how to embrace them elegantly.

The second year was really challenging for me. I had to drop of and pick up my eldest daughter from kindergarten. I had to take care of the baby girl and other household stuff. The good thing is that I can use WordPress automatic publisher. So, I write on weekends and they publish automatically according to the set schedule. Not enough problems, two of my computer broke down for a total of 2 months. The first month I could survive with reblogging the first year recipes but the second month was totally black out. I had decided to reduce the recipe published in one week to only two recipes because it become such a big pressure for me. But happily some of my fellow bloggers found that my current posts are more amusing because I have more time to write on it.

In the second year, I developed three new types of post which are travel review, food review and bento ideas. At first, not many people like how I write, some of them complained like I was just “showing off” but I listened to why they had perceived like that. So, I learned that when you are reviewing something stick to the food and the travel spot that you are describing. No, “You” or “your family” muddled in the picture, just professionally reviewing it. If the food is good, then write like the readers will get hungry and want to visit the restaurant. If you don’t like about a service, write as if the manager is reading a will change the way they manage inside. With “bento ideas” I still don’t see light how I can position myself uniquely in the way I present the bentos.

So how did the stats look for “Mama Miyuki Easy Pantsy”? My subscribers grew from 891 to 967, that is not much but I am happy to know that daily from that sum at least 854 people read my blog per day (alexa.com). The country coverage grew from 105 to 142 world wide and that also includes countries in conflict. Sometime I wonder if paramilitary or rebels also like to take recipes from this blog, that will be a real honor. The astonishing growth so far is that the first year I only got 10,000 and jumped to 44,000 views in the second year and WordPress tells me that Mama Miyuki is getting more traffic up to 3 hourly views on average. I was surprise to see an advertisement box in some of my blog that will become income for WordPress. For me that’s ok, my goal is purely to introduce Indonesian recipes for those who are interested to open an Indonesian food business outside Indonesia, From Me to You. So, WordPress can get the monies and Mama Miyuki will get the blessing. Amen.

As a present, my husband got me a DSLR but I haven’t had time to explore more because I am still focused on finishing the things on my table and I don’t want to be bugged. It is a Pentax K5-II guys, so tell me. How to use is for food photography? Any advice or links will be appreciated. There will be a gradual shift from pocket camera to DSLR further in my blogs. So, please enjoy. For this purpose, I made a note on photography lay out that I learned during my 2 years blogging by using the pocket or iphone camera. I think it will be useful for all of us as a reminder.
photography notes

For the upcoming post, I plan to finalize all recipes from specified restaurant types then go into introducing restaurant themes. Hopefully I have enough time for it and have enough health and energy. More surprises to come, till then!!

Thank you so much for being with this blog
Mama Miyuki


14 thoughts on “Happy Second Anniversary Mama Miyuki

  1. Mama Miyuki, you are doing a great job and I really don’t understand why anyone would think you were showing off (maybe they were jealous?) … I love the colour you bring into your posts, your sense of aesthetics, just as much as the recipes you describe. You deserve all the success that comes your way … and with two young children to boot!!! … you must have wonderful energy in your person. Happy Second Anniversary!

  2. Happy Blog Anniversary Mama Miyuki! *\(^o^)/*
    You reviewed your two years, many of the processes which we all went through. 😉
    Looking forward to all the new features you are planning, which we had a little peak in your last few posts. The pink cake looks beautiful!
    P.S. Have you learned to read hiragana or katakana yet? 😀

  3. 2years. Go you! 🙂

    I never ever feel your showing off, shame some read it that way. I like hearing personal stories and seeing photos of the people I follow. I think it brings you closer to the author. Have a great weekend, hugs Paula xxx

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