Shiogama Suisanbutsu Nakaoroshi Ichiba


On weekend there will be travel shows to all parts of Japan. Sometimes they like to visit fish market where at the end of the show they will make their sashimi don buri from the fish they had bought. I want to do that too and it turn out that you can do that here in Miyagi. Visit Shiogama Suisanbutsu Nakaoroshi Ichiba/塩釜水産物仲卸市場, from Sendai Eki take the train Senseki line. Step out at Higashi Shiogama station walk strait ahead and turn left until gas station turn right at Yamaya go strait ahead and the Market is on the left side.

Inside you will find many stall selling products from the sea. You can see how fishermen cut those large maguro into sashimi set for you to eat. Here is stall selling salted fish that the local people will grill them and eat will grated daikon and local lime.
dried fish

This stall sell salted fish and tuna head part which are delicious. They usually make these as soup with miso, soyu and some brown sugar. The fish are eaten by either grilling or frying with non oil in a pan.
tuna head parts

Here, we can buy salmon fish roe, ebi for sashimi, some coral fishes and flounders. All are usually served as sashimi or sashimi don buri.

If you don’t feel like cooking, you can stock your fridge with these miso flavored cut fish. Whenever you are hungry, you just pull it out and grill it.
miso fish

This stall specializes in dried cuttle fish and combu. In Indonesia these cuttle fish are cut into small pieces and eaten with rujak. The combu is a stock ingredients for many Japanese soup base cooking.

We bought some delicious fatty salmon here for our daughter. They also sell whole salted dried salmon. Fresh salmon and it’s roe. Smoked salmon is also here to find.

Fresh large shelfish that you can ask the seller to break open and eat here. They have oyster, clam and abalone.
shell fish

One of our favorite stall is this mini anchovies and mini shrimp stall. We bought some home and I made it as base for assorted dishes.
dried achovies

When you are done with shopping around and feel hungry. Look around to fish the sashimi you want to have for lunch. We got the assorted sashimi from from this stall, some fresh clams and oyster, and fresh big sashimi prawns.
sashimi set

Drop by the shokudo and buy the rice and miso for 300 ¥ and “Itadakimasu!!”
miso rice

Outside you can go out fishing or see the fish boat and walk around. We enjoyed the nuance and the walk around. Just a little warning, if you are not used to eat raw fish fresh from the sea which can cause food poisoning. I recommend that you eat at Marumatsu family restaurant instead. For those who have allergies. Bring your medicine along.


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