Kanako Curry

Kanako Curry

The second type of curry that the people like is mild curry with turmeric and chili as base, and uses coconut milk (recipe here). One of the restaurant chain to go for is Kanako Curry. They have a fair trade plantation in the rural area of Srilanka to stock all their restaurant ingredients. You can buy a jar of their curry base and make it at home. This restaurant in unique as they have their spicy level from zero to 100 for the super spicy. I will go for mild to focus the tasting in their spices.

This is their chicken curry menu which is accompanied turmeric based yellow rice (recipe here)
chicken curry set

I recommend this set for you. The grilled chicken taste so amazing that I keep thinking to go back and have some more. The taste is in harmony with the yellow rice.
grilled chicken

The grilled chicken (recipe here) comes with the curry  soup that contains egg, green paprika, eggplant, carrot long beans and cabbage to go a long.

The curry that I usually serve at home is this type of curry with turmeric as base and coconut.


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