Big Boy Sendai

Big Boy

There is a big franchise that sells steak and hamburg steak in Japan. They also serve salad bar and drink bar buffet with it too. Their innovation is the hot stone where you can cut and put your steak on the stone if you want to make it more done. Here are some of their steak selection.

The sirloin steak with garlic sauce  some potato wedges and boiled frozen veggies to go along. If the meat is not well cooked enough for you, cut some steak and put on the stone right on the left corner of the pan.garlic steak

This is their sirloin steak with sauce that you can choose from their available selection. Some shredded onion under the steak,. Garlic butter to enhance the taste and the potato wedge boiled veggies duo.
sirloin steak

This is their kids menu, consisting of gratin some canned corned ,fresh tomato and boiled frozen veggies. Karage and french fried as side dish and jelly.
gratin kids menu

These are some of the options from the salad bar. For the price that we paid, the salad bar was sad looking and it has holes in their salad selection leaving us with a distasteful view.
salad bar

The corn soup was tasty, you can add some croutons, sun flower seed and fried shallots to go with.
corn soup

I got some matcha latte from the drink bar.
matcha latte

Well, no one was happy after dining here. My daughter did not finish her gratin and the karage was to hard for her to chew. Our steak was dry and very chewy. The salad bar tasted so cheap. So, no more dining here for us.


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